Beach walking

As a child, I grew up next to the coast and have always found myself drawn to its power, beauty and unforgiving nature.  Every day on the coast is different, not one pebble as it was the day before.  The tides give and take away. One can find solitude, peace, inspiration and much more, all for free.

I’d like to draw your attention to the benefits of fresh air and a stroll/walk/hike or similar, on mental health.  Even 30 minutes by the sea can be enough to help balance the mood, increase the production of ‘feel good hormones’ and to bring about a sense of calm.  I know this from my own experience and even though it’s sometimes difficult to make the move to get out of the door, everything seems so much more bearable once I’m on the beach.


Balancing pebbles on top of one another is quite the most wonderful way to find stillness in the moment.  It’s something that everyone and anyone can do and it certainly helps to bring your focus on to nothing but that moment.  Don’t underestimate the calming effects of what might appear to be quite a mundane activity/task.  If you look here you will see a multitude of pebbles and stones in some fascinating and precarious poses.  At the end of the day, it can be great fun and you’ll never be short of a pebble or three at the beach.  It truly is an art form.  Happy pebble wotnotting.

Ever since I walked The Suffolk Coast Path back in October, I have been drawn to one place in particular and have returned on numerous occasions, tide and time dependent.  The stretch of coast between Minsmere and Aldeburgh is my new favourite place to walk.  It’s usually a case of marching up towards Aldeburgh, plonking myself down on the shingle for a spot of nut butter and yoga before then hopping back to Minsmere for a hot drink and a spot of bird watching.  Of course, these can all be combined for a most glorious day out with friends, family or simply going it alone to reflect and blow away the cobwebs.


Even on the cloudiest of days, there is fun to be had.  Break up your walk with some balancing or yoga or pretend to be on the top of a mountain without a care in the world.  Reach up to the sky, smile the smile of all smiles and don’t be worried about what other people might think because they’re probably wanting to do exactly the same thing.

If you can find a like-minded soul to go with you, all the better.  I smile…a lot.  Even when I’m on my own.  Does it lift the mood or make me feel good?  Oh absolutely yes and even more so than eating cake (not that I can eat cake any more but if I could.)  My beautiful friend, Sarah…provider of giggles, love and fun.


If you are lucky enough, you might just get to see one of these;

It didn’t say that I couldn’t climb up into the trees. A small diversion through Minsmere with a spot of frolicking in the trees.


In summary, there is a always something to do along the coast, any time of the year, for everyone and anyone.  You might be amazed by what you find or see.  Make new memories, for free.


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