A girl can never have too many toys.

A girl can never have too many toys.  Oh, I hear the cogs whirring and stirring and conjuring up all manner of perverted thoughts about what this might mean.  If, like me, you are handy with the tools and spend more time with a router and an impact driver than your friends, you’re in good company.

I’m a firm believer that if I see something I like and want, I’ll make it myself and if I can’t make it myself, then I’ll have to go without.  Am I the only girl who spends hours searching the web for flanges?  And why don’t they come in a range of colours so that I can change them depending on my outfit?

I’ve been lusting after some handstand canes for the entire summer.  Life got in the way.  I got distracted with building some p-bars outside and on splitting my difference trying to get the ever elusive middle splits.

Having waited patiently for the flanges to arrive, I spent my lunch hour with my trusted tools and created my very first canes.  They are fit for purpose.  I’ve no doubt I’ll be tweaking them and turning them into candy striped yellow and blue loveliness on a blustery Autumn day when I should be cleaning gutters and tending to the garden but I’m so easily distracted and the best bit of all is that I created something with my own callused hands.  More on that subject later.

It’s not as if these things are step ladder high but size counts when you live in an upside-down world and even a few inches makes all the difference.  If you are sniggering at the back, I know what you’re thinking.  Yes, every inch counts and makes my entry that much more nail biting.

I shall promise to share with you, my trials, tribulations, tips and tears.

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