It’s how I fell into the world of yoga and my very first attempt at a headstand.  It was not pretty.  I’d never heard of a hollow body, pinchamayurasana or tittibhasana and wasn’t even sure what an asana was or if it might be edible.  How far I’ve come on my journey…complete with bruises, broken toes and an ego very firmly in check.

I have a love hate relationship with IG.  It’s a bit like having a friend hanging onto my belt or stuck to the bottom of my shoe like a piece of chewing gum.  There’s good and bad in every aspect of life and IG is great if used wisely and with the knowledge that it might make you feel the need to check in for rehabilitation or worse, smash your iPhone with a sledge hammer as you cry into your Lulu Lemons.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing if it wasn’t for IG.  Neither would I have connected with so many amazing souls from across the globe.  Neither would I be pressing into a handstand after only months of starting that crazy journey on my hands.  Yes, there are still things that infuriate me about IG.  It’s my choice.  I wake up in the morning and climb into my big-girl pants and I either tell it as it is or press that unfollow button.  I’ve more important things to worry about…is my compost too soggy and will my cucumbers mature before Autumn?

Spam – it’s my pet hate.  I’m pretty certain that when I started on IG last year that I got carried away and shared all my little successes, every bloody day, without any thought for the poor people having to trawl through thousands of videos and pictures in their feeds.  I at least had the balls to ask someone why they had unfollowed me and was told very politely that I posted too much. This led to some reflection and soul searching on my part and a huge change to what and how much I posted.  I now feel that one or two posts a day is bearable.  I don’t rush to share my own successes but would rather post to help others on their journey.  Someone once said that what we post on IG is just for us and therefore we can post whatever we like and as much as we like.  If that’s the case, why isn’t your account private with zero followers if its just for you?  After all, we are posting into other people’s feeds.  It would be foolish to think that we only post for ourselves.    I love to share in your successes and progress but if you are at post number 19 and it’s only lunchtime…I’m going to hit that button and unfollow you because I somehow feel my feed is now dedicated to you and you alone.  It doesn’t matter how much I like you, I’m going to be true to my word and keep things manageable for my own sanity.

If you tag me and ask me to follow some random person because they only need another 200 followers to reach 5000…think again.  Since when do we buy followers with the promise of a prize? I’ll follow on my own volition because I’m interested in their content and because they don’t spam.  I didn’t reach 49 by being told to be friends with someone because then their world will be balanced by having 5000 people.  All of whom will of course comment and engage in constructive dialogue…or not. It’s best to air these little niggles so they don’t turn into huge boils that need lancing with a rusty needle.

My advice…be thoughtful, be respectful to others, keep your ego in check and use it as a tool and not a lifeline.



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